SUP downwinder

Discover one of the most beautiful lagunes of Zanzibar. Your guide will show you the in and outs of the SUP sport.
After the tour you can share your experiences with each other while enjoying a free drink. By exploring Zanzibar on a supboard you will have a full body workout and meet new people during this relaxed tour.
A Sup downwinder is the most relaxing way to exploring the explorer the Zanzibar coastline

Depending on the tide, you can also enjoy this tour during sunrise or sunset.

Who can join?

You! Our Downwind SUP tour is for everybody! Explore the island with your partner, family, friends or on your own and meet new people and meet new people. Whether you are in for an active workout and having fun.

New to SUP?
The Downwind SUP tour is our easiest tour we offer and a perfect opportunity to enter this new sport. The guide will teach you the basics, help you according to your level and correct you if needed.

Our Downwind SUP tour options:
Depending on the wind direction and the group we offer:

– Start at Paje beach, downwind a few km, transport back to Paje Beach
– Start at Paje beach, downwind a few km, transport back to your hotel
– Start at your hotel, downwind a few km, transport back to your hotel
– Transport to an upwind spot, downwind to Paje beach/your hotel

Please contact us to plan your ideal SUP downwinder!



The Downwind SUP tour is an everyday tour. It takes place once a day depending on the tides. The whole tour takes about two hours. Contact us for more information.


The transport is included (South-East coast only). We start supping from Paje beach and bring you back afterwards or back to your hotel.

Take with you.

• swimgear, towel
• put on sunscreen (at least 30 min. before the tour)
• optional: watershoes
• One free coffee/tea/drink

Tour prices

25$ per person

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