A place to let your soul take a walk.
White sand beaches laying on the coast like they are peacefully sleeping, only being waked up by the ocean, whispering stories from places thousands of miles away – wave after wave.
Like protective parents palms are disseminating their big leaves over your head, to momentarily shield you from the sun.
A little breeze tingling your nose, reminding you that there is still liquid in your cocktail glass.
Zanzibar- a place to drift away in thoughts.

But I know a couple of guys not drifting away.
Not in thoughts and not while on the water.
They always keep track, keep improving.

In a couple of weeks a lot of things happened in and around the mangroves; things that lifted the Stand-up Paddling Tour to a whole new level.

First and foremost a Makuti changing room was built to prevent countless white butts being presented to civilians.
The two part changing room gives you all the comfort you need to change your clothes to a sporty SUPer outfit.
Not only is it a gamechanger in privacy but also sets new standards in architectural design.
Without any problems it integrates itself into the surrounding of the mangroves.

The highly appreciated rooftop terrace on the office got a new facelift.
Now you are not only able to have one of the best views on the sunset but also enjoy this view sitting in a comfortable handmade coconut rope bench.
Sit down, grab some fresh mango and enjoy.

Many hours spent on figuring out creative concepts made it possible to present you freshly designed signs, which we placed everywhere on our routes through the mangroves and around the office. The signs include certain channel names, provide you with interesting information about the mangroves or just make you laugh. Mostly make you laugh.

Last but not least we are proud to take our beloved guests on some completly new channels, which allows ous to use routes we never used before – or dreamed of using before. (Okay, guilty, sometimes I dreamed about them. )
The channels will take you deep inside the mangroves, to spots that have never been discovered before.

So it’s YOUR turn to become a part of the SUP family and be a guest on our Mangrove Expedition Tour.

Join us and enjoy yourself.

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